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Why not have just an online magazine??

We feel that a printed magazine is the best way for us to convey and inform our readers of specialise news, information, stories and case studies that are more in-depth and more thoroughly researched by the top names in the HMO market.

You will also receive online access to all our previous issues as part of the subscription, which means you have instant access to any article, review case study etc whenever you like.

£4.99 per issue seems a bit pricey for just a magazine when others are doing it for FREE??

This is not just any old property magazine. The HMO Property market is a specialised area of property management and investment.

Our writers and contributors are at the top of their field, and a LOT of research, time,expertise and personal experience goes into each article in every issue.

The price is much less than other much lower-quality magazines on the market right now.

Do I need to pay for postage or any other extras??

Your subscription of £4.99 per issue (every 2 months) includes postage anywhere in the UK and that’s it. There are no hidden charges or extras.

How do I make payment??

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What if I want to cancel??

We only bill you for one issue at a time and you can cancel whenever you like.
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Can I receive it outside the UK??

Unfortunately not as yet. However we will be offering this feature in the future. But for now You can still subscribe to receive every issue digitally, and not to receive the paper copy.