Jonathan Loannou - HMO Writer

Jonathan Loannou


Hi I’m Jonathan, my property journey started a little differently from most people, I began my journey whilst studying architecture at Nottingham Trent University, one of my mumís friends had just brought a near derelict house (Iím not sure how she got a mortgage) and she invited me around to get my opinion on what she should do to it. Straight after that meeting I knew what I wanted to get into.

I completed my degree in 2011. When I left university the construction industry was on its knees due to the recession because of this it was proving impossible to get a job within an architects practice so I decided to get a job within a local estate agency. I didnít work there for long but I managed to make friends with some of the local investors, when I left I made sure I kept it touch with them and spoke to them regularly. I moved to a surveying role within a building and renewable company where I attended site surveys and quoted for extensions or refurbishments.

I was then approached by one of the investors and was offered a job as a property surveyor and sourcer. I snapped his arm off and it was at that company that I mastered my skill set. In the first year I sourced over 90 deals with a total purchase value in excess of £5,000,000 and with a total GDV of £8,000,000. The projects consisted of mostly single lets, we did however buy a few large blocks of flats, one of which was a pub conversion, that project was allocated to me to project manage and with that my role developed, I began playing a part in the project management of the projects.

Since working within that company I have sourced over 200 deals. I have then played a major role in the management of at least 120 of those projects seeing them from purchase through to snagging and handover. During that time I began purchasing my own properties and steadily created my own portfolio.

In 2017 I created JMI holdings to build and develop my own portfolio. JMIís mission is to create high-end boutique HMOís for professional and student tenants in Nottingham and Derby.

I also feel strongly about homelessness and like the synergy of providing homes for professional tenants as well as the homeless. Because of that we give a percentage of our profits away monthly to a local homeless charities called framework.