Mark Homer - HMO Writer



Mark has bought over 600 properties [& counting] for himself, Rob, his family & his investors since 2003. He is a systems and spreadsheet geek, er, guy, and has developed a complex, secret algorithm that takes all human error out of buying residential, commercial and multi-let property.

He has commented and been referenced in almost all major publications including BBC Radio, The Independent, the FT, The Wall Street journal, as well as co-authoring the UKíS 4 Best Selling Property Books.

Mark quit corporate life in 2006 where he saw a long road to quiet desperation, giving up a ëgood jobí that was actually dead end and monotonous. Yes it was above average pay, but life was empty and it was not his path. Maybe you can relate to this.

On the side, Mark has been an Entrepreneur investor since the age of 15, setting up many small businesses through University, and continually saving, re-investing and compounding the money using laws of wealth that he now teaches to 10,000ís of people.

Mark is a paranoid spreadsheet geek and an analyst. Giving up a good career was a big decision for him, he is a bit of a recluse but he makes up for it in finance. Mark has been obsessed and [literally] sleep deprived on finding the very best investment vehicle and at the end of 2007 his joint portfolio with Rob produced more profit than any of his other investments heíd tried in the last 10 years,