Rick Gannon - HMO Writer



Rick Gannon is a full-time Property Investor and HMO specialist, Author of the 5 x best selling property book “House Arrest” And founder of the Property Management platform “Go Tenant”.

Rick Started investing in Property way back in 1997 starting with single lets then moving to Flips and ending up with a chain of pubs and restaurants. After selling up to a large Pub company Rick decided to pursue a career in the Police Service and remained as an operational response officer for over 10 years, but after a busy night shift and a heartfelt conversation with his disabled Son Ben, Rick decided that family time was way more important than any JOB and returned to property and specialised in Houses Of Multiple Occupation. Within 6 months of investing in this strategy Rick replaced his income in the police which freed up his time to spend with his family.

Rick now owns a multi million pound property portfolio and dedicates his time helping others with the HMO strategy.