Tina HMO



It was whilst serving in the Police Service that Tina’s passion for the law and compliance blossomed, she was forced to retire from the service due to injury in July 1995, not really knowing what to do next but dreaming that one days he would start and run her own business.

Privately, she and her husband, Tony had always risen up the property ladder by buying, renovating, moving in and then selling. In 2005 they decided that it would be a good idea to buy a separate property from their own home to let out for extra income. In principle this was a good idea, although, with no knowledge or experience at all, they made almost every rooky mistake possible:

  • Bought two separate properties (a townhouse and apartment) both new build, off plan, from a local developer, just before the market crash in 2007.

This error in judgment somewhat curbed their enthusiasm for property investment.

Tina’s interest in the property sector was re-ignited when in late 2011 it was suggested that property sourcing was a good sector to start a business in and so she spent the next 10 months researching legislation, regulation and compliance guides to create the legal and compliant platform that in October 2012 became Sanctuary Property Sourcing Ltd; providing a bespoke service throughout the North West of the UK.

Tina is passionate about the property sector but especially property sourcing and for many years held an idea in her head for a book, written in plain English, to pass on the knowledge that she has spent years learning and applying in her own business. From this idea her book, ‘Property Sourcing Compliance: How to Stay the Right Side of the Law’ was created.

Tina’s aim is to increase awareness, knowledge and professionalism within the sourcing sector, sharing her immense knowledge on compliance with budding new sourcers, established businesses and investors alike.

Privately Tina loves to read, travel, spend time in their garden and also drink red wine, not necessarily in that order! Together she and Tony have three grown up children, Rebecca, Sarah & David and live in the RIbble Valley.They dipped their toes into the investment market again purchasing a freehold block of flats on the Fylde coast area in September 2017, refurbished and flipped into the Healthcare Sector in January 2018!