Wendy Whittaker-Large - HMO Writer

Wendy Whittaker-Large


Wendy Whittaker-Large started investing seriously in HMOs in 2012 and since then she has created a multi-million pound property portfolio using other people’s money. After just two and a half years of developing HMOs she and her husband left their well-paid jobs to concentrate on property investing. Wendy is the founder of a number of award-winning companies including Best Nest – a high end property development company and HMO Success – her highly successful training and mentoring company.

Her latest book ‘Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Properties’ was released in June 2019 and has since become an Amazon bestseller. In it you can learn how you can start, scale and systemise your HMO business using Wendy’s simple five step system; find out what is the market telling us NOW; discover where are the future trends are likely to be; and learn about the history and context of HMOs. This is a unique book detailing the history, the present and the future of HMOs and allowing you a glimpse of what you can achieve by investing in this lucrative asset.

Wendy has also published a previous book:  ‘101 Essential Tips for Running a Professional HMO’ which is also an Amazon bestseller. She has been featured in the Sunday Telegraph, BBC 1 and Channel 5 and regularly appears on the property speaking circuit. Wendy now helps other people to achieve financial freedom whilst juggling domestic and family commitments, enabling them to fulfil their dreams of having a much higher quality of life and more time to spend with their children and family. She works with a whole range of people  – from those with young families and full-time jobs to older people looking to secure their financial future for retirement – and she supports, trains and mentors them to success.